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Tripalista is a social travel platform that enables passionate travellers to share their stories with others, and display it in a simple and beautiful way. Users can create and share interactive Google maps which display content-rich routes and itineraries, alongside

The Basetrip started as a mini-project for just one country, Portugal, where I needed to travel. I searched for all the info by Googling individual phrases - “portugal currency”, “portugal visa”, “portugal weather” etc. At one point it became obvious

Not everyone is looking for a plush hotel. RedDoorz offers standardised budget accommodation with basic facilities: free wi-fi, satellite TV, bottled water, spotless linen, clean washrooms and toiletries. A comfortable stay for those on a limited budget.

The idea behind Amberlair is to add to find locations that are crying out for a boutique hotel and build a home from home for global travellers that is cozy, stylish, authentic and distinct. Amberlair is tapping into the energy-filled resource that is

FoodieTrip provides you with an authentic, local culinary experience wherever you want to travel to in the world. Find local FoodieGuides who will take you on unforgettable food and beverage experiences all around their home cities. Connect with a FoodieGuide of your choice, confirm tour dates, and

Offpeak gives travelers and travel planners more information to help them decide where and when to travel. Think of it like traffic data on your GPS. The service helps you avoid large events that will hike hotel prices; identify the

Luggage storage in a new and safe way. Luggage Hero lets you place your luggage in a certified local shop for a few hours or days, making luggage storage easier and cheap. Pick up your luggage anytime and pay only

Dress n’ GO! is a clothing rental service catered specifically to travellers. Choose the articles of clothing you want for rental (or purchase) - or, choose multiple items from an entire closet. On the other end, closet owners prepare clothing

Are you a digital nomad? Backpacker? Perpetual traveller? Do you stay in one place too long for normal hotels and too short for normal term rentals? Then Belooga might be for you. Looking for the best prices, coolest locations and fastest wifi takes

Bliss is a new way to fly. The service lets you book flights instantly and pay for them over time with up to 6 months 0% APR. Bliss automatically searches and compares over 200 other sites to find you the cheapest