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You're looking for a modern, step-by-step tool that breaks down writing a business plan into bite sized pieces you can actually finish. Bizplan does that by distilling the business plan into modular sections you can complete in any order. All of the

A lot of people generate a unique password for every site, so why not an email? Think of Ptorx as a proxy for your email in where you only use your Ptorx emails to sign up for sites and receive

Communicate better with videos. Videos for social media, ads, anything - create them in minutes with Rocketium. Produce videos in minutes without any design experience. Create a unique look with extensive styling options. Find the perfect copyright-free content with their media search

TagProspect is a Chrome extension which allows you to quickly find relevant information about your customer. Simply search on their email address and TagProspect delivers only relevant information such as company news, local news, weather and sports specific to them.

FluidDATA allows you to search through decades worth of spoken word audio in seconds enabling you to quickly research topics of interest and gain actionable insight. Integrate FluidDATA with your existing dashboard solution or let them deploy a private cloud

Instantly convert page visitors and social media followers into shoppers. Accept payments from anywhere. Credit card and bank wire payments from 190+ supported countries. Sell anything on social media. One cart can be deployed in multiple locations on the web.

It’s not always a realistic strategy to hire an entire UX team and implement expensive testing and research. What if you could know exactly what parts of your product need improvement, without spending a lot of time and money? UserPings

Watch videos of where your users got stuck and resolve tickets instantly. No need to have endless conversations over chat or email to know about an issue. Solve tickets faster with videos and give a much better customer experience to

Screenhero was born out of the founders' need to work with each other remotely, and realising existing screensharing tools are meant for presentation, not collaboration. They rethought the entire collaboration and real-time sharing experience from the ground up. The result

Using standalone apps makes your workflow segmented and difficult to track. KnightSpear cuts through the clutter by centralizing your project management workflows, so you can focus on things that move the needle to getting the job done. KnightSpear combines task

With Kezmo you can enrich your teamwork using a full chat experience; transform chat messages into actionable contents like tasks; issues and notes with a single click; and keep track of who received and read your messages. Manage tasks with

Questr is here for you - a way to convert procrastination into progress.  With a single click, you remind yourself of your goals, and how much time has passed - and most importantly - that there’s still opportunity. Time visually

Over 60% of people online have experienced harassment in some form or another. 1/4 people have disconnected their online accounts entirely because of this. Kite AI allows you to take proactive measures to ensure your customers experience the best of

Stop building features you think your customers want, only to find that they don't. Let your customers submit and vote on what features they really need. Users can show their support by voting to prioritize features, giving you all the

Capture and replay your visitors' interaction with your website. Zarget records your users' sessions to show you how real visitors interact with your site. See where you can help them or enhance their experience: fix pain points and increase conversions;

Sockseed's online platform transforms your freshly-made ideas into a potential revenue generating startups. The journey starts from the very beginning of the idea development stage all the way to launch. You will learn how to properly develop your ideas in a

GroupThinq is much more than a traditional project management tool. It's a collaborative project accounting tool your entire team uses every day to transform the way they run projects and manage their time and budgets. It's also a way to connect

It’s really hard to be effective when information is all over the place and nobody can find anything: links go here, documents there, notes anywhere. TipHive uses "cards" to let you quickly create bite-size information: text, links, files, images, videos, notes, lists, tables and

ZAAR is a construction app for all the field teams. Connect with your field team and assigns actionable project tasks. It allows stake-holders to identify what each team member is doing, sends reminders of tasks, and updates task status. It

Simplified project management for web developers. Allow clients to see the status of their projects and interact on tasks. Run multiple projects with separate budgets with different team members. Add checklists, assign to the team and collaborate with clients. Tasks are designed

Sand is a time-blocking app that helps you boost productivity; make and break habits; keep track of your recurring tasks. Use it to set goals and boost motivation. Collect rewards and review your progress. You can also collaborate on shared tasks with your team

Take better programming notes. Mix multiple programming syntax on one note. Over 40 programmings languages supported. Be more expressive: mix in to-dos, lists, images, links, headers and many more. With lots of customizable keyboard shortcuts, you can create awesome notes from

Kozmos organizes your bookmarks nicely for you. Behind of the scenes, it categorises every web page (thousands, if you want), so you don't have to do it manually. Your bookmarks can only seen by you. Kozmos runs on all platforms,