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Get Groomed connects you with professional barbers in your area so that you can have the finest grooming services that caters to your style, at a place and time that suits you. Their goal is to bring classic barbering to

CocuSocial is a marketplace for cooking classes that are hosted at restaurants and hotels. Traditional cooking classes are expensive and intensive, but CocuSocial wants to make them affordable, easy to access and fun. Users are offered a relaxed way of

TixTogether is a group-ticketing platform designed for the modern fan. Today, the more people you invite to a game, the more inconvenient it becomes. TixTogether takes the hassle out of organizing a group by making it easier for your friends to purchase

VenYou combines Groupon with Tinder. Find the love of your life while also finding great deals and things to do around you. With VenYou, you’re provided unparalleled opportunities to meet new people, find great deals, and together share incredible experiences. Whether

The only app that gets to the core of people through their lived experiences, heartfelt opinions, and bold passions. See people for who they are: Sapio's innovative design puts looks and smarts on the same level, giving you a fast

KFit gives you access to the best studios, gyms, spas and salons in your city. Download and book instantly via the mobile app to experience activities near you while saving up to 70%. Whether it's daily workouts at your neighbourhood

Wispberry is a mobile platform to connect and inform your friends and the community through reviews without the hassles of writing. Share what you like or dislike about restaurants, movies, videogames, or things that matters to you. Express your experience by

Automate your menu, pantry and grocery list. Why waste your free time planning your meals? PantryPlan will plan meals that save you money by using on-hand ingredients while managing your pantry and grocery lists. The more you use it, the better

Le Tote sends you a customised tote containing the latest fashions based on your preferences, fit and location. Wear the items for as long as you want - no purchase necessary, no styling fees, no strings. When you're ready for

Enlist the help of local experts ("Sherpas") who can help you find the property that’s best matched to your lifestyle requirements. They will help you create a shortlist of available properties matching your criteria, visit them on your behalf in

Dressup's intelligent system recommends beautiful fashion styles that suit your body type and the occasion. Capture your look and showcase it to a community of like-minded people. Book the services of a tailor or designer who can make your favourite styles a reality.

Empowers people to communicate freely and share moments in time instantly within their local communities, without boundaries. With Blyce, you can “Be Everywhere” by sharing and viewing content through your phone. See what’s happening around you and share moments instantly through real

Choose from a selection of craft beer, wine, spirits, & mixers. Your order is delivered to your door within 30 minutes during business hours. Order exactly what you want, no minimum. Cheers!

Through real-time online auctions and sweepstakes, BidAway allows people from all over the world to have the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences with celebrities in every field: from sports, cuisine, entertainment to more exclusive events and backstage passes.

Truly believes experiences bring more happiness than material possessions. They scour the globe to bring premium, authentic opportunities that go beyond ordinary. In the past four years, they have curated and created unqiue, luxury experiences for their clients, serving customers

Track your goals and project ideas ("Ambytions"). Collect material and everything inspiring related to your Ambytion. Use Pinterest as an idea pool. Take notes and photos. Work up your notes and photos to posts and publish them in a mini-blog

No more paper. Send digital checks, free. Per Federal UCC codes a check printed on any paper is a legally valid instrument as long as its compliant with Check Standards. Checkbook has built a way for individuals and businesses to send and

Tired of looking for recipes on Google? Plant Jammer is a cooking assistant that empowers you to quickly build your own recipes that are vegetarian, varied and tailored to your needs. Just type in what you would like, and the Plant Jammer

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Sustainabody is an app that tracks your nutrients and aims to make healthy eating easy. Use the app to track a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Sustainabody is a complete diet

A video shows more than a thousand images. Klip is video dating app that lets you create your profile by answering just a few questions and see instantly who likes you.