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CodeHabit is a mobile app that teaches programming with a bite-size lessons. Lessons are personalised and curated to give just the right challenge. Grow your skills with a custom stream of new lessons and practicals. CodeHabit eliminates mundane repetition and schedules your

Understand anything in a minute! The world's first platform for simple explanations. Stelum calls them Simplexes. Simplexes are cards with simple stories that explain all kinds of things. They are short and written in everyday, easy to understand language. There

An interesting concept from the Netherlands, Bijles door Topsporters offers tutoring for high school students, from all classes and levels. What makes the company unique is that they only employ tutors that are students as well as pro athletes. Their tutors

Textbooks are notoriously inadequate at helping students achieve mastery of complicated problem-solving concepts. By building a video-based curriculum parallel to the assigned text of a classroom, Clutch are dramatically and sustainably improving learning outcomes and creating high-impact learning experiences for

Nurseversity was created by nursing students and educators who understand the struggle and pressure of the nursing student lifestyle. Nurseversity allows students to quickly access how prepared they are, and recommendations on which content to focus on next. It includes an intelligent,

Zeqr is a new global knowledge sharing marketplace that connects like-minded people who seek to impart knowledge (Xperts) and those who are eager to become better informed (Zeqrs). This knowledge hub aims to connect people and provide them with all

Transtutors is an academic Q&A site with more than 1 million questions answered. Students use the site to get help on their assignments, dissertations, term papers etc. Rather than looking for a tutor, a student can quickly look at previously

A natural way to learn a second language. Lingokids continuously exposes your child to various grammatical structures and more than 3,000 vocabulary words. Its hits-and-errors algorithm adapts each lesson to your child’s learning speed and you can monitor your child’s

Easy Ten is a mobile App for learning foreign words. The key markets are Russia and Brazil. More than 2,500,000 users worldwide. The App can be used to learn 7 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

Flamy lets teachers plan homework and track student progress. Potential problem areas, e.g. absenteeism, missed homework or struggling students can be highlighted for appropriate action and teachers, students and parents can communicate via the app

Most people can't afford to hire a tutor to study English because tutoring is too expensive. And private classes can be really inconvenient: you have to learn according to a predetermined schedule, a few times a week; the lessons last

85% of people who don’t play an instrument wish they did. Are you one of them? Melodics offers music education but with tracks you actually want to play. Complete lessons to unlock higher levels. Melodics comes with 20 free lessons, watch yourself get better playing just five