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For students, complete tasks and earn money. Help companies by answering surveys, solving data for AI or testing an app, and get paid properly. Complete the tasks whenever you like, wherever you like. For businesses, access a pool of dedicated

Self'it is a real-time city explorer where you can share your favorite moments with people in the same place at the same time with you. Discover photos of people who are in the same location live, explore the history of

Focus helps you live your next moment. Whether you want to plan a study session for an exam; meet new people in your neighborhood; go to a concert; or host the biggest birthday bash of the year, you can do

Only see professionals your friends recommend. Prefer enables you and your friends to share that little black book of your favourite service professionals. No more anonymous reviews. Prefer empowers service professionals and clients to find each other and work together.

The Burg is a digital public square, a platform that streamlines local representatives and local news to their verified constituents. By building a Burg for each district and hosting unique features such as online town halls, The Burg is  giving

There are missed opportunities that surround you everyday. Causr makes sure these connections happen that would otherwise be missed. Create new contacts, instant message and meet up. Designed to enable more collaboration and face to face interaction for people within and outside

The worst part of fundraising is having to ask and burden close friends and family to buy things that they don't want or need. By partnering up with brands, FlipGive's online shopping platform connects you with the stores you already shop

Tryilo is peer to peer, community based, rental & sharing platform, where people can borrow, rent, and share anything (electronics, tools, cameras, bicycles, books, clothing, household items, outdoor/camping gear, sports equipment etc.) with trusted and verified peers with in their

Jolt Mate helps you find work and job opportunities for friends and family. You can also use your own network to find the most suitable employees and to get hired. Use the app to build your profile, one-click apply and communicate with clients

Too much stuff lying around? Create listings to rent out your goods and services within your community. List as much you want and start making money from your stuff. Need something, but don't want to own it yourself? Request listings or

iGrow is a marketplace that helps under-employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce scalable and efficient organic farms funded by urban people around the world. iGrow connects farmers, landowners and investors to create organic food plantations and sell the crops

Giving talks is a powerful source of personal and career growth. Speakerdex is a showcase for speakers' talks and for connecting with other speakers and possible events. The overall goal is to encourage more people give more talks. Speakerdex hopes to democratize

Zeall is a social platform for the grassroots creation, management, and evaluation of volunteer tasks. Zeall brings individuals and organisations together to coordinate volunteer efforts for non-profits, social movements, and political campaigns. The app helps organisations best match and utilise

GoGet is an on-demand location-based job posting platform for those seeking to earn flexible income and for those looking for trusted and trained people (GoGetters) in the area to help get things done. GoGet creates a safe and reliable community