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August 2017

DataCircle is an e-commerce data marketplace, which enables entities to consume, provide and exchange data (from universities, vendors, statistic providers or datasets) within the platform. Buy, sell or exchange data sets with ease. Acquire information to drive your business; sell

MakeYourDeal is a revolutionary "you price it shopping" experience for household goods. The platform empowers consumers to bargain instantaneously without the hassle of competing against other people for products the shopper truly wants to purchase and enjoy. MakeYourDeal puts consumers in control

Contentmart offers clients a base of thousands of talented content writers from around the world, each with their own unique skill set to match your task. Choose a copywriter by assessing their profiles, portfolios, ratings and reviews given by other clients.

Get Groomed connects you with professional barbers in your area so that you can have the finest grooming services that caters to your style, at a place and time that suits you. Their goal is to bring classic barbering to

Guests and organizers should have more fun and a worry-free and stress-free experience of an event. Take orders as waiter or allow self-ordering by your guests at the same time. Process orders and keep your guests informed about the order

It’s not always a realistic strategy to hire an entire UX team and implement expensive testing and research. What if you could know exactly what parts of your product need improvement, without spending a lot of time and money? UserPings

Watch videos of where your users got stuck and resolve tickets instantly. No need to have endless conversations over chat or email to know about an issue. Solve tickets faster with videos and give a much better customer experience to

Screenhero was born out of the founders' need to work with each other remotely, and realising existing screensharing tools are meant for presentation, not collaboration. They rethought the entire collaboration and real-time sharing experience from the ground up. The result

Using standalone apps makes your workflow segmented and difficult to track. KnightSpear cuts through the clutter by centralizing your project management workflows, so you can focus on things that move the needle to getting the job done. KnightSpear combines task

With Kezmo you can enrich your teamwork using a full chat experience; transform chat messages into actionable contents like tasks; issues and notes with a single click; and keep track of who received and read your messages. Manage tasks with

Focus helps you live your next moment. Whether you want to plan a study session for an exam; meet new people in your neighborhood; go to a concert; or host the biggest birthday bash of the year, you can do

Designed to feel like the messaging apps you use every day, Intercom lets you talk to consumers almost anywhere: inside your app, on your website, across social media and via email. Intercom brings messaging products for sales, marketing & customer

Questr is here for you - a way to convert procrastination into progress.  With a single click, you remind yourself of your goals, and how much time has passed - and most importantly - that there’s still opportunity. Time visually

Kialo is designed to facilitate constructive debate about the most important issues in the world, without turning into the usual Internet shouting factory. Kialo aspires to become not just where you come to argue, but also where you can explore

Only see professionals your friends recommend. Prefer enables you and your friends to share that little black book of your favourite service professionals. No more anonymous reviews. Prefer empowers service professionals and clients to find each other and work together.

Over 60% of people online have experienced harassment in some form or another. 1/4 people have disconnected their online accounts entirely because of this. Kite AI allows you to take proactive measures to ensure your customers experience the best of

CocuSocial is a marketplace for cooking classes that are hosted at restaurants and hotels. Traditional cooking classes are expensive and intensive, but CocuSocial wants to make them affordable, easy to access and fun. Users are offered a relaxed way of

Unless you have complex requirements or disabled dependents, you don't actually need a solicitor to draw up your will. Farewill guides you through a series of jargon-free questions, which lets its in-house technology generate your will. When you are happy

Stop building features you think your customers want, only to find that they don't. Let your customers submit and vote on what features they really need. Users can show their support by voting to prioritize features, giving you all the

Capture and replay your visitors' interaction with your website. Zarget records your users' sessions to show you how real visitors interact with your site. See where you can help them or enhance their experience: fix pain points and increase conversions;

The Burg is a digital public square, a platform that streamlines local representatives and local news to their verified constituents. By building a Burg for each district and hosting unique features such as online town halls, The Burg is  giving

There are missed opportunities that surround you everyday. Causr makes sure these connections happen that would otherwise be missed. Create new contacts, instant message and meet up. Designed to enable more collaboration and face to face interaction for people within and outside

TixTogether is a group-ticketing platform designed for the modern fan. Today, the more people you invite to a game, the more inconvenient it becomes. TixTogether takes the hassle out of organizing a group by making it easier for your friends to purchase

VenYou combines Groupon with Tinder. Find the love of your life while also finding great deals and things to do around you. With VenYou, you’re provided unparalleled opportunities to meet new people, find great deals, and together share incredible experiences. Whether