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August 2017

You're looking for a modern, step-by-step tool that breaks down writing a business plan into bite sized pieces you can actually finish. Bizplan does that by distilling the business plan into modular sections you can complete in any order. All of the

A lot of people generate a unique password for every site, so why not an email? Think of Ptorx as a proxy for your email in where you only use your Ptorx emails to sign up for sites and receive

CodeHabit is a mobile app that teaches programming with a bite-size lessons. Lessons are personalised and curated to give just the right challenge. Grow your skills with a custom stream of new lessons and practicals. CodeHabit eliminates mundane repetition and schedules your

PeliPac is a company dedicated to providing New York residents with fun, affordable care packages sent by courier for same-day delivery. For years people have settled for care packages consisting of either flowers or fruit, for $80+ and 2-3 day

Engage your organisation with an easy-to-use and intuitive corporate social network. Whaller offers a lot of features that will help you and your team collaborate effortlessly. For optimum effective internal communication between your employees. Exchange and collaborate as a business,

Marketing is very effective at bringing the good points to our attention while omitting (and in some cases even concealing), the bad points. BadAbout is a carefully aggregated and concisely presented database of the negative points about something, be it

Hire.Bid is a unique new marketplace connecting professionals and clients. Instead of a race to the bottom with professionals bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of professionals. Clients can hire who they want,

Biopage allows registered users, either individual or business, to create a "biography page" to introduce themselves or their business to the worldwide internet community. The biography page can be short and sweet, or as detailed as necessary, to reflect either

Communicate better with videos. Videos for social media, ads, anything - create them in minutes with Rocketium. Produce videos in minutes without any design experience. Create a unique look with extensive styling options. Find the perfect copyright-free content with their media search

Bring all of your influencer marketing campaigns into one platform to manage it all, seamlessly. Use Assembly to invite influencers and partners that you work with on a regular basis or invite new influencers to join new campaigns. With Assembly, you can create

For students, complete tasks and earn money. Help companies by answering surveys, solving data for AI or testing an app, and get paid properly. Complete the tasks whenever you like, wherever you like. For businesses, access a pool of dedicated

Scrapbox lets you create, discuss, and learn together in one self-organising space. Work together on the same page using Scrapbox's unique live markup editor. You can instantly create pages, display images or video links, and more by adding brackets to anything you type.

TagProspect is a Chrome extension which allows you to quickly find relevant information about your customer. Simply search on their email address and TagProspect delivers only relevant information such as company news, local news, weather and sports specific to them.

FluidDATA allows you to search through decades worth of spoken word audio in seconds enabling you to quickly research topics of interest and gain actionable insight. Integrate FluidDATA with your existing dashboard solution or let them deploy a private cloud

Instantly convert page visitors and social media followers into shoppers. Accept payments from anywhere. Credit card and bank wire payments from 190+ supported countries. Sell anything on social media. One cart can be deployed in multiple locations on the web.

Self'it is a real-time city explorer where you can share your favorite moments with people in the same place at the same time with you. Discover photos of people who are in the same location live, explore the history of

BoostHQ lets your subject matter experts share useful learning files, links and videos, and initiate discussions. Allow employees to share their thoughts and experiences around content to create a social learning community. Get insight into what learning content is most impactful,

Tripalista is a social travel platform that enables passionate travellers to share their stories with others, and display it in a simple and beautiful way. Users can create and share interactive Google maps which display content-rich routes and itineraries, alongside

With Conseris you can clone your datasets with one click, or create different sets of fields. Use an intuitive WYSIWYG form builder to create the shape of your dataset in seconds. Add constraints like Required, Min/Max, Skip Logic, and more. View your

Understand anything in a minute! The world's first platform for simple explanations. Stelum calls them Simplexes. Simplexes are cards with simple stories that explain all kinds of things. They are short and written in everyday, easy to understand language. There

JustGotThat! is a mobile marketplace that saves consumers time, provides flexibility and transparency. All while giving service providers the opportunity to promote any vacancies in their schedules. Consumers search and buy the services they need, when they need them, while allowing

At Designhill, you post a design brief, describe your project, choose a package and launch a graphic design contest. Choose the graphic design you love from over 39,000 graphic designers. Get complete ownership and all the graphic design files immediately. Quickly hire, manage and pay freelance graphic designers

Fight poverty, illness, deaths with no costs while shopping online. When you buy online in one of about 1,000 partner shops with Altruisto installed, portion of the money you pay goes to extremely effective, research-backed charities. The price for you