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July 2017

OrgOS sorts your employees' data and processes so you don't have to. Everything you need to take care of your employees is in the same place. Easily find everything that relates to your people--from emergency contacts to compensation history. With one Excel

Rationally is similar to Quora, but questions are answered with evidence instead of opinion. Visitor-submitted questions will range from hot button issues (“Do vaccines cause autism?”, “Are GMO crops safe to eat?”, “Are police more likely to shoot black suspects?”)

TalentDash is a talent mapping platform that identifies the top people in the industry and highlights the specific candidates that you are looking for. Having a snapshot of the talent pool will help you build a strong talent pipeline and

Gleedesk is an automated customer support and review helpdesk for online businesses. An all in one power packed suite to empower business with automated customer support and feedback management.

Not everyone is looking for a plush hotel. RedDoorz offers standardised budget accommodation with basic facilities: free wi-fi, satellite TV, bottled water, spotless linen, clean washrooms and toiletries. A comfortable stay for those on a limited budget.

Tryilo is peer to peer, community based, rental & sharing platform, where people can borrow, rent, and share anything (electronics, tools, cameras, bicycles, books, clothing, household items, outdoor/camping gear, sports equipment etc.) with trusted and verified peers with in their

Track your competition and improve your social media presence. Kurmily checks how you perform in comparison with your direct competition on on a wide array of social media platforms. Currently Kurmily gathers results from twelve social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Hacker News and many more.

Enlist the help of local experts ("Sherpas") who can help you find the property that’s best matched to your lifestyle requirements. They will help you create a shortlist of available properties matching your criteria, visit them on your behalf in

Take better programming notes. Mix multiple programming syntax on one note. Over 40 programmings languages supported. Be more expressive: mix in to-dos, lists, images, links, headers and many more. With lots of customizable keyboard shortcuts, you can create awesome notes from

Textbooks are notoriously inadequate at helping students achieve mastery of complicated problem-solving concepts. By building a video-based curriculum parallel to the assigned text of a classroom, Clutch are dramatically and sustainably improving learning outcomes and creating high-impact learning experiences for

Capture ideas from your team or customers, then apply advanced filters and sorting to find the highest impact ideas for the refinery. View your ideas in card or list layouts that provide actionable data to help get more work done

Dressup's intelligent system recommends beautiful fashion styles that suit your body type and the occasion. Capture your look and showcase it to a community of like-minded people. Book the services of a tailor or designer who can make your favourite styles a reality.

Empowers people to communicate freely and share moments in time instantly within their local communities, without boundaries. With Blyce, you can “Be Everywhere” by sharing and viewing content through your phone. See what’s happening around you and share moments instantly through real

Kozmos organizes your bookmarks nicely for you. Behind of the scenes, it categorises every web page (thousands, if you want), so you don't have to do it manually. Your bookmarks can only seen by you. Kozmos runs on all platforms,

Missed leads are history. Verloop lets you build a FAQ bot for your website, Facebook Messenger, and native apps in minutes. Capture and convert leads 7/24, better than any form ever. Verloop’s AI learns from your Q&A and is ready to answer real customers within

Managing client investors through the lifecycle of their investments can be complex, not to mention, a compliance minefield. Finomial helps you keep your clients' investments organised and up-to-date as well as building compliance into its software. It also enables you

Choose from a selection of craft beer, wine, spirits, & mixers. Your order is delivered to your door within 30 minutes during business hours. Order exactly what you want, no minimum. Cheers!

Imagine if you could find a ranked list of anything and everything in the world, all in one place. Trendendo is the rankings platform built on efficiency, grounded in transparency, and powered by you. Vote, Explore, and Expand to get

Nurseversity was created by nursing students and educators who understand the struggle and pressure of the nursing student lifestyle. Nurseversity allows students to quickly access how prepared they are, and recommendations on which content to focus on next. It includes an intelligent,

Zeqr is a new global knowledge sharing marketplace that connects like-minded people who seek to impart knowledge (Xperts) and those who are eager to become better informed (Zeqrs). This knowledge hub aims to connect people and provide them with all

Crypto is hard to do right. InnoVault helps coders encrypt user data, keeping it secret and safe. With InnoVault, coders can create secure applications and protect user data from the first line of code to the final release. At every

WORQ offer work spaces with the right atmosphere to grow your business with our communities and facilities all under one roof. WORQ will be Malaysia’s first and only mega coworking space, housing 150 startups, SMEs, freelancers, creative agencies, and more.

No more tedious spreadsheets or paper files. Save time while avoiding costly manual error and tedious double entry by keeping your HR in an easy-to-use cloud HR system. Invite other managers and administrators from your company and limit their access