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June 2017

My Own Tale lets you create an avatar of your child, insert it into a famous fairytale, and turn it into a book which you can buy. Modify the avatar with hundreds of design options to create a character in

The idea behind Amberlair is to add to find locations that are crying out for a boutique hotel and build a home from home for global travellers that is cozy, stylish, authentic and distinct. Amberlair is tapping into the energy-filled resource that is

Snapzu gives you the tools to build an integrated community alongside your blog. Adding a community aspect not only makes a standard blog remarkably more lively and engaging, it also gains several other key advantages in the currently outdated blogging

'95% of cloud security failures will be the user's fault' is a recent prediction by Gartner. Simply following best practices could have prevented Deep Root Analytics from exposing 198,000,000 US voter records. CloudSploit provides monitoring of cloud security best practices

Jolt Mate helps you find work and job opportunities for friends and family. You can also use your own network to find the most suitable employees and to get hired. Use the app to build your profile, one-click apply and communicate with clients

Bynder Orbit is the only free solution powerful enough to handle all your images, videos, and documents. It's the fastest and most efficient way to manage digital files professionally. From uploading to storing, sharing, collaborating, and reformatting - everything is easier with

Track your goals and project ideas ("Ambytions"). Collect material and everything inspiring related to your Ambytion. Use Pinterest as an idea pool. Take notes and photos. Work up your notes and photos to posts and publish them in a mini-blog

Too much stuff lying around? Create listings to rent out your goods and services within your community. List as much you want and start making money from your stuff. Need something, but don't want to own it yourself? Request listings or

No more paper. Send digital checks, free. Per Federal UCC codes a check printed on any paper is a legally valid instrument as long as its compliant with Check Standards. Checkbook has built a way for individuals and businesses to send and

Bonsai lets you build your project proposal online, enter your project details, timeline, and fees, and then send easily. Create different packages for clients to choose from and maximize your earnings and close rate. Clients can view your proposal on

Let your customers know when you have released new features within your product. Beamer lets you announce new features, your latest releases, and relevant news. Store all of your product updates and announcements in one place and improve user engagement

FoodieTrip provides you with an authentic, local culinary experience wherever you want to travel to in the world. Find local FoodieGuides who will take you on unforgettable food and beverage experiences all around their home cities. Connect with a FoodieGuide of your choice, confirm tour dates, and

Customers are 3× more likely to interact with a website when you reach out with a proactive chat. Collect.chat needs 0% human involvement. Let your service agents focus on other important stuffs. Delight your customers with our hand crafted question

iGrow is a marketplace that helps under-employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce scalable and efficient organic farms funded by urban people around the world. iGrow connects farmers, landowners and investors to create organic food plantations and sell the crops

Indemand offers a comprehensive set of features to easily take your bricks 'n' mortar grocery store online. The solution includes an ordering system; order fulfilment tracker; a growing network of delivery drivers at your disposal and comprehensive dashboard to monitor orders,

Offpeak gives travelers and travel planners more information to help them decide where and when to travel. Think of it like traffic data on your GPS. The service helps you avoid large events that will hike hotel prices; identify the

Giving talks is a powerful source of personal and career growth. Speakerdex is a showcase for speakers' talks and for connecting with other speakers and possible events. The overall goal is to encourage more people give more talks. Speakerdex hopes to democratize

Luggage storage in a new and safe way. Luggage Hero lets you place your luggage in a certified local shop for a few hours or days, making luggage storage easier and cheap. Pick up your luggage anytime and pay only

Transtutors is an academic Q&A site with more than 1 million questions answered. Students use the site to get help on their assignments, dissertations, term papers etc. Rather than looking for a tutor, a student can quickly look at previously